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Should you dress twins the same?

TUTA - BLOG - Should you dress twins the same?
Deciding whether to dress identical twins in matching clothes can be a difficult choice for parents. Sometimes it is done for practical reasons, sometimes because the children just look so cute in the same outfit.

There is no wrong or right answer to the question of whether or not you should dress twins the same, it depends on what works for you and for them. Here are the pros and cons of doubling down when it comes to the wardrobe for twins to help you make a decision.


It is convenient

Bringing up more two babies at the same time requires extensive organisation. If you can save time by pulling out the same outfit, stress levels can be reduced.

They get noticed 

Twins always catch the eye, but dressing them in the same outfit increases the attention they receive, which is great if you - and the twins - enjoy it.

Arguments are averted

When twins are wearing the same clothes, there are no disagreements over who gets the cute jeans or a particular top.


Expressing individuality

How we dress is a way of expressing individuality, and it could be argued that twins should be given a say in how they dress to encourage them to develop their own identity. However, if one twin loves to be girlie and the other is all about the tomboy look, it can get complicated, so keep their clothes separate.

Personal development

Letting children make decisions about what clothes to wear can result in some pretty wild outfits, but helps them learn to make decisions, which twins can be denied if they are dressed the same. If you choose to let your twins dress themselves keep their clothes somewhere they can access them easily.

Who’s who?

Although you can tell your twins apart in flash, family, friends and nursery teachers may not be able to. Dressing your twins differently helps people tell one twin from the other until they are able to recognise their individual personalities.

Do you dress your twins the same?


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