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Enjoy an enchanted day out this Easter

TUTA - BLOG - Enjoy an enchanted day out this Easter
If you are already planning family days out for Easter, why not consider doing something with a kind of magic? Here are three ideas for unusual, exciting trips, where you and the kids can truly get away from it all for the day.

BeWILDerwood, Horning, Norfolk

An adventure park where kids are encouraged to explore the treetops and make friends with a Boggle, BeWILDerwood is based on a wondrous tale by local children’s author Tom Blofeld. With a story-telling boat ride, spongy marshes and a host of fantastical characters waiting to meet them, your kids will be captivated from the start. This is no traditional theme park, so instead of acres of rides and fast food restaurants, there is lantern making, a sky maze and thoughtful food at the Cosy Cabin café.

Peter Pan, Kensington Gardens, London

Commissioned by JM Barrie himself, and created by Sir George Frampton in 1912, this delicately beautiful bronze statue of Peter Pan is truly delightful. Positioned in a spot near Long Water Lake in Kensington Gardens, which was selected by the author as it is where Peter lands after flying out of the nursery in the novel The Little White Bird, the boy who never grew up is shown playing his pipe while surrounded by rabbits, squirrels and fairies. After visiting Peter, you can take a walk in Hyde Park, which the gardens lead into/

The Troll Trail, Isle of Wight

If you have never been troll hunting - and who hasn’t? - then this accessible cycle trail and path are an excellent starting point. The route is decorated with artwork, sculptures, and of course, trolls. Your children will have to look carefully though, because the crafty creatures are often well hidden. It is a great spot for a picnic too, as there are lots of benches to sit on and views to enjoy.

What magical days out would you recommend for Easter?


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