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3 of the best spring sights in the UK

TUTA - BLOG - 3 of the best spring sights in the UK
Spring is an excellent time of year to get outside and explore with the family; from strolling through fields of fluffy lambs to watching mad March hares to seeing the season’s first flowers, there is so much to do over the coming months - here is how to do three of them. 

Gambolling lambs

Cute lambs are always a favourite with children of all ages. They can be seen in numerous rural fields across the country, but for a closer view, you can head to the likes of Gibside in Tyne and Wear. This large Georgian estate holds lambing days throughout springtime, where kids can hold and pet lambs, as well as see newly-hatched chicks.

Golden daffodils

A classically British flower, the daffodil is the harbinger of spring. One of the best displays of these bright yellow blooms will be at the Blicking Estate in Norfolk; the 55 acres of gardens at this stately home have been carefully tended for generations and features woodlands laden with daffodils and bluebells in spring.

Mad March hares

If you have ever seen hares ‘boxing’ in a field, you will know how entertaining they can be. Hares strike each other playfully with their paws throughout the mating season as females fend off unwanted males, which is probably where the term ‘mad as a March hare comes from. This provides an excellent opportunity to view these otherwise shy and reclusive creatures.

The top spot for watching hares is Lyme Park in Cheshire; the wide open spaces of this 1,300-acre estate makes them easy to see. Climb up to the hill-top hunting lodge known as The Cage for great views of the hares boxing, chasing and racing.

Where are you planning to take the kids this spring?


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