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Three steps to a more peaceful night during pregnancy

Three steps to a more peaceful night during pregnancy
Pregnancy is great at preparing new mums for the inevitable sleepless nights they will soon have with their newborn baby. However, for some women the lack of sleep is even worse when they are expecting. In a recent poll, the National Sleep Foundation revealed that 78% of women experience this problem, so what can be done to encourage a peaceful night for mums to be and ensure they get the rest they need?

Find the right position 

Most experts agree that sleeping on your side when pregnant is the best way to avoid night-time disturbances. It might not work for everyone at first, but eventually it should assist with digestion and breathing as well as minimizing the pain of backache and haemorrhoids. This position also boosts the flow of blood reaching the placenta and helps the body to process waste more efficiently.

Use supportive pillows

There are special V-shaped pillows available to support a growing tummy, but any firm pillow can be used to prop you up and make it easier to breathe during the night. If your stomach aches when lying on your side, slot a pillow underneath to keep it comfortable and add another between your legs for a little extra cushioning.

Create a slumber palace in your bedroom 

As your body temperature increases when you are pregnant, a warm room can soon feel stuffy. To make it right for you, try keeping a window slightly ajar, or use a lower tog quilt until you find the right balance. You could also keep the lights down low or off altogether, and avoid using your phone before bed. Checking your social media feed is a great way to stay entertained if you cannot sleep, but it will also make it harder to switch off and drift into a deep sleep as the night goes on.

What tips could you offer our community on sleeping well whilst pregnant?


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