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Treat the kids to a night of culinary Americana

TUTA - BLOG - Treat the kids to a night of culinary Americana
We all remember the stress-free days of eating out before becoming parents, but once you have the little ones in tow, the public dining experience can feel a little more strained. If you are on the cusp of introducing your kids to the restaurant experience, it makes sense to start with relaxed burger bars before launching yourselves into a more sophisticated establishment. However, bear in mind that you have as much right to be there as anyone else and remember that many eateries now warmly welcome families. Here are two of the UK’s finest American themed chain restaurants that are always ready to cater to smaller guests.

TGI Fridays

With bouncy waiting staff, neon lights, and extensive interior design features, TGI Fridays is a place your kids will be talking about for ages after they visit. The children’s menu is divided into the ‘major league’ and the ‘little league’ to cater to all appetites, but both are crammed with all the old favourites, like pizza, fish fingers, and chicken wraps. After that, the Sweetshop Sundae dessert is a retro treat that kids can put together in their own way and then have fun demolishing.

Frankie and Benny’s

Frankie and Benny’s is an American Italian themed joint with friendly staff, kid pleasing meals and big accessible loos. They have covered all the bases when it comes to younger visitors, offering two grades of menu for larger and smaller kids, an activity pack and the promise of a balloon when it is time to go home. It is not especially cheap, but mum and dad are sure to find something they will love on the indulgent menu that is packed with pasta and burger dishes, so it is certainly worth a visit.

Where would you suggest going for a delicious burger and a kiddie friendly vibe?


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