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Three cool ideas for rainy day fun with the kids

The summer holidays are nearly upon us and we are all looking forward to at least a few weeks of sunshine. However, if the British weather remains consistent, we will also get our fair share of the wet stuff. So on those rainy days when going outside looks like far more trouble than it is worth, how can you keep those active little minds occupied? Here are three ideas for indoor fun that will stave off the boredom with ease:

Create an obstacle course in the hallway, lounge or dining room

Building a fun obstacle course can be done with the items you see around you. The cushions from your couch, a clothes airer, a few sheets and some strategically placed furniture can teach co-ordination, balance and build self-esteem. Just have a careful crawl-through the first couple of times while they get their bearings, and then allow them a little more freedom to make it on their own!

Hold a fashion show

By staging an event, you have a wealth of entertaining possibilities to choose from. You can design invitations, spend time selecting outfits and then launch your trendy, stylish creations on the rest of your family. Naturally, children will probably not want to stick to any rules, so give your tiny fashionistas all the encouragement they need to go wild with colourful little tops and skirts with bright prints.

Go on a treasure hunt

Who does not enjoy the thrill of the chase? If your kids need a little stimulation, then designing a treasure hunt could be just the thing. Write simple clues and distribute them around your home, each leading on to the next. Be sure to incentivise their quest with the promise of a prize after they solve that final puzzle!


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