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The perfect beach day

On a warm summer day there is nothing like spending quality time at the beach; getting your toes wet, listening to the waves and remembering how much fun you had on family holidays as a kid. The seaside will always be a treasure trove of experiences for little ones, they love the freedom to splash around, hunt for crabs and collect shells to take home as souvenirs of their day. Organisation is not always easy when you have toddlers buzzing around, but here are a few simple things to consider when planning your day.

Stay safe in the sun

Even when it is overcast and windy in the summer, sun protection is vital for us all. Baby girls and baby boys will need plenty of shade, so consider a UV protective shelter or a parasol. As they are likely to be running around for most of the day, toddlers should wear a comfortable hat along with their swimsuit and do not forget the sun cream!

Take a practical packed lunch

If the idea of sand in your sandwiches puts you off a beach picnic, then try finger foods instead - this also cuts down on the need for balancing plates. Try firm fruits like grapes, chunks of cheese, crackers and nuts. Make it fun for the kids by bringing little biscuits and cakes for them to enjoy as a dessert, keep some baby wipes handy for the inevitable post-lunch clear up.  

Start a sandcastle competition!

Naturally, none of us would ever head to the beach without a bucket and spade, but when you have arrived, how much effort is put into making a sandcastle? Some families pride themselves on building the biggest fort on the beach, while others love working on a shell mermaid with seaweed for hair, anything goes! Encouraging your kids to find beach materials and then deciding what to build together lets them explore their creative side, and also teaches them about teamwork.


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