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How to select the ideal wedding clothes for your little ones this season.

From shoes to bags and accessories, we tend to spend a lot of time putting together a beautiful wedding outfit for ourselves, but it can take even longer to plan the perfect ensemble for kids to wear on the special day.

Your children will probably be with you for most of the time, so you can choose clothes that fit in with your own style and evoke a similar mood. Children appreciate great pieces and well-cut clothing too, so bear in mind that where weddings are concerned, less can be more. Check out our Smart Blue Check collection for boys, you will find gorgeous blazers, crisp white shirts and navy Riccione trousers that include an adjustable waistband for added comfort.

In the past, parents have been tempted to dress their boys up as sailors, or in lacy little pantaloons, while girls were covered in frills and ruffles. However, this is not what modern fashion conscious kids would want. So why not dress them with the same sense of taste and sartorial quality that you usually would, just include a touch more formality.

Looks that always work well for girls are cut from simple fabrics in a soft hue, like a pretty Riccione dress and a cute little shrug around her shoulders, in case it turns chilly in the evening. The light yellow Tyess cardigan from our Summer Breeze collection is ideal, with its pretty chiffon detailing and fun gold buttons. Better still, as it is made from 100% cotton that will feel wonderfully soft against her skin all day.

What looks have worked for you and your children at this season’s weddings? Would you ever consider coordinating the entire family’s wardrobe for a formal event? We would love to hear from you about this or any other wedding fashion ideas for children!


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