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Is exercise the key to a great night’s sleep for our kids?

Most experts agree that so long as a child wakes up happy and ready to start the day, they have had enough sleep. Smaller kids will still need nap times, but when you have a grisly eight-year-old on your hands at lunchtime, or a 10-year-old who would rather be up with you at 11pm, a little forward planning could be of help. Sleep and exercise are not two states we would usually link together, but in fact, they complement each other greatly, especially with children whose bodies are still growing.

Be active!

Walking, cycling, swimming or any other active pastime, burns off energy fast. Choose something that your child enjoys and is appropriate for their age. For toddlers it can be a walk around the park where there is always something to keep them interested, but for older kids, a trip to the zoo or swimming pool will provide ample opportunities for moderate exercise.

How much exercise should they be doing?

You can aim for an hour of active play every day, but try to keep it fun and upbeat. When they start seeing their daily workout as a chore, kids are likely to be far less willing to take part.

What to wear?

Getting out and about is always a big hit with kids, so select their clothes the day before to avoid any last minute disagreements! Tutakids has a ready prepared range of beautiful separates to suit any occasion on our Trendy Combinations pages. You will find colourful dresses for play dates, fun pants for visits to town and comfy tracksuits for dedicated sports kids.

Do you find that after a busy day your kids always have a better night’s sleep, or does getting overtired present just as much of a problem? Tell us what you think!


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