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Organising the ideal wardrobe for your new baby.

Towards the end of your pregnancy, it is likely that you will be buying ahead for the new arrival, most of us like to have at least the first month covered, so that there is less to worry about at that hectic time. However, with so many choices in baby clothing available, it can be confusing; here are a few tips on selecting what you really need in those early weeks.

The basics

Body suits are perfect for the first few months, they are easy to get on and have poppers to enable a hassle-free dressing routine. For colder days, you can add a pair of leggings or elasticised trousers, along with a long-sleeved t-shirt or cardigan to keep their arms warm. Socks and hats are essential to keep ears and toes protected, but shoes are not needed until they are walking. For night times, all in one pyjamas are perfect, but make sure they have poppers so you can change a sleeping baby without disturbing them.

Choose great quality fabrics

It goes without saying, that you will be washing baby’s clothes regularly due to the inevitable leaks and spills, so go for solid fabrics that are kind to newborn skin. Cotton and fleece are ideal because they are not only very soft, but breathable, so you will not have to worry about baby overheating. Check that the seams are finished tidily and remove the tags if they feel scratchy.

Dressing up days

When you need something for a special occasion, Tutakids have a Trendy Combinations for Babies page, full of stylish apparel for your half-pint trendsetter. You will find smart checked shirts, cute little polo tops and cupcake themed overalls that will ensure your baby always stays ahead of the fashion curve.

What were the most important baby clothing buys you made while pregnant? Tell us what worked for you and what you would recommend to other mums.


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