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Dining out in style with your brood – two of the UK’s best family-friendly restaurants

As any parent knows, getting dressed up in smart apparel and going out to socialise is not only fun for the grown-ups. Kids also love the chance to sit in a good restaurant, with great company and eat delicious food. In establishments with a menu targeted at children, you can usually expect staff to be more accepting of your little ones and less flustered by the odd spilt drink - which makes for a far more relaxing experience. Here are two examples of family-friendly restaurants that have gone the extra mile to make parents and children feel at home.

Pizza Express

Forget the soggy offerings at its stuffed crust rivals; Pizza Express is far more upmarket, yet still geared towards the busy family crowd. Kids and adults will adore the carefully prepared pizzas, pastas and salads, but do not forget to leave room for one of their exquisite desserts! The new Piccolo Menu contains paired down versions of the adult originals and also gives your child the chance to create a unique dish - just the way they like it.


Giraffe is a homegrown addition to the British high street and has 46 outlets across the country. The food is ideal for more adventurous kids who do not like being patronised by the usual bland offerings on an average children’s menu. Forget dry burgers and fish fingers, Giraffe expects a more discerning clientele, so get ready for schnitzel, salad, omelettes and grilled salmon. Their scrummy smoothies are also legendary, as is the cute little Giraffe-shaped cocktail mixer they are served with!

Have you had a meal out with your family at Giraffe or Pizza Express? What do you think of them and do you have any suggestions of your own for excellent kid-friendly dining?


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