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Try out a yoga class to ease those pregnancy aches

Pregnancy is a time for nurturing yourself and your growing baby, plenty of rest is crucial, but keeping active is just as important. So if you are suffering from muscular tension or lack of sleep, why not find out about a local pregnancy yoga class? You will be taken through the moves slowly and given the opportunity to sit out for a while if it all gets too much. There is a supportive environment and it is a great chance to meet other mums-to-be in your area. So, what are you waiting for? Throw on something comfy and get ready to pose!

Yoga is known to ease the daily dose of tension we all seem to build up without thinking about it. Deep relaxation techniques can be useful during each stage of pregnancy to enhance your inner calm. You will be taught how to achieve a meditative state by clearing your mind of intrusive thoughts and concentrating on each breath. Not all breathing exercises, or pranayama, as they are called by practitioners, are suitable during pregnancy, others will be modified to take into account your needs.

Yoga will also improve your muscle tone, through various stretches and positions that boost flexibility and circulation. Sessions begin with a warm-up, just like in an exercise class, but you will concentrate on stretching three key areas, the arms, legs and back.

Most sessions are teacher-led, with the emphasis on your well-being and enabling you to experience a connection to your growing baby, before ever seeing their face. Classes last around 90 minutes and always include a wind down section at the end, to ensure you leave feeling refreshed!

Have you tried out an antenatal yoga class? Did you find it helped you to relax, or would you recommend another activity whilst pregnant, like swimming or walking?



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