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Children’s fashion is fun, but what do they really get out of it?

Most kids love looking good in comfortable clothes but fashion is not just about aesthetics. When we encourage children to think about their wardrobe, we are also teaching valuable life skills. We are underlining the importance of presenting ourselves in an appropriate way, taking care of our appearance and appreciating the value of quality clothing.  

Getting dressed improves fine motor skills

From tiny buttons, to complicated zips and fastenings, children sometimes need to manipulate their clothing in complicated ways. This takes patience and dexterity, but along the way, they will also learn about design. As they put on new sweaters, they will experience the feel of the fabric against their skin and see how the pattern makes it stand out from the rest of their wardrobe.

Fashion teaches children about individuality

As children get older, they become increasingly interested in expressing their feelings, opinions and tastes. Even as adults, clothing is a simple way of articulating our individuality on a daily basis. Kids who love animals will enjoy wildlife prints, ballerinas will love pink dresses, and little trendsetters will appreciate stylish prints that reflect their love of fashion. Clothes allow children to be themselves, to look different in a crowd and learn about developing a signature style that is all their own.

Clothes need care

Sometimes, we as parents avoid buying good quality clothing for our offspring, because we do not trust them to take proper care of it. Instead, why not take this as an opportunity to teach children about having respect for their clothes? Initiate a conversation with them about keeping their cardigan, tracksuit or shirt, in good condition. You could even consider offering a small reward if they are successful!

Do your children love to choose their own clothes and create new looks? How important do you think fashion is to younger boys and girls?


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