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Pregnancy style – dressing for the trimester you are in

Just because you are pregnant, it doesn’t mean you have forgotten how to look and feel good in your clothes. Finding pieces that fit well and are comfortable on your growing tummy may be a challenge, but the next nine months can still be a fashion adventure. Here are a few ideas for showing off your baby bump in style and loving your look! 

Early days

Some women prefer to keep mum about their new baby boy or girl during this stage, so you might want to go for loose coverage. To save money, you could sort through your wardrobe to find flowing clothes with elastic waistbands and a generous fit. For work, think about a leggings and dress combination, or smart boot-cut jeggings with a roomy shirt on top. On lazy days, keep warm in cute loungewear apparel, like a soft woolly sweater and harem pants.

Nearly half way there

By the time you have hit 12 weeks, maternity clothes will definitely become essential. You will probably need to invest in a few good maternity bras, trousers with stretchy fabric built in around the waist and wrap dresses that can expand as you do. Many have buttons or elastic panels that can be altered to accommodate your changing figure.

The home straight

The final months are when you can take real pride in your growing bump, however, by now you may be tired of stretchy fabric and slip on shoes. If you no longer feel like the fashionista you once were, then add a dash of glamour with accessories. Stack up shimmering bangles on your wrists, cut a dash in a colourful scarf and get that pair of silver ballet pumps you love!

Do you have any fashion tips for mums to be? What items could you not live without when you were pregnant?


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