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Birthday gifts as individual as your child

Kids love to receive presents any day of the year and their birthday is certainly no exception! For parents it can be a struggle to limit the amount of money spent, not just due to the high cost of many desirable toys, but also because we want to make them happy. Spoiling our children on the odd occasion does not do any harm, especially if it encourages an existing interest. Here are a few suggestions for pleasing your kids, whatever they are into.

For the fashionista

Although clothes are a natural gift option for style focussed kids, you could supplement their present collection with a few fashion centred colouring-in books and quality pen sets. This might inspire them to create unique outfit ideas of their own and you may even find you have a future designer on your hands!

For the adventurer

Kids who love the great outdoors will appreciate gifts that help them get closer to nature. Binoculars are perfect - be sure to select a hard-wearing childproof pair - and bug hunting sets are equally popular. More intrepid parents may be tempted to buy a live butterfly garden kit, enabling kids to watch the entire life cycle of these beautiful creatures.  

For the sports fan

When your little one enjoys a bit of a challenge, you do not have to stick with traditional sporting gifts. If you have the space, they will love to be presented with a good solid table football set, it provides hours of competitive fun and the adults will be queuing up to join in! Outdoors, a basketball hoop positioned over the garage door will keep everyone happy; the kids get to hone their skills, while you watch from the comfort of the sofa!

What sort of presents delight your children? Do you have any tips for great birthday surprises?


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