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Three fashion lessons we can all learn from style conscious kids

From an early age, most children have individual fashion preferences they are keen to share with the world. Eccentricity is the norm and you might not want to replicate their sense of style exactly, but you have to appreciate their chutzpah! From superhero costumes to hair glitter and wellies in the summer, children rock the look they love without a second thought and there is a lot to learn from their carefree attitude.

Pick clothes that make you happy

Kids choose clothes based on what they love but adults tend to think about more practical concerns, like whether an outfit is slimming and what to wear with it. So, take a leaf out of their book and let yourself go a little, fashion is not meant to be serious!

Work those accessories

Do we really have to put away childish things as we grow older? Boys and girls love experimenting with heart-framed glasses, loud trainers and sequinned handbags, even if they are only popping out to Tesco. Little extras raise any outfit up and out of the norm, so the next time you need a style injection, reach for the accessories!

Ridicule is nothing to be scared of 

Kids enjoy transforming their look without a thought for what is trending right now. This fearless and bold mentality also lies at the heart of everything the world’s best couture designers do. They are inspired by what they see around them, colours that pop and fabrics that comfort. As adults, accepting our signature style is not always easy and can take time but to kids it comes naturally and without a trace of self-consciousness.

Do you love getting style tips from your children? Could you share the kind of outfit ideas you have picked up?


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