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Is your child ready to be a star? Launch their career as a model with these three simple steps!

We all think our children are the most beautiful we have ever seen but most people do not give serious thought to winning them a modelling contract. For those that do, the road to stardom can be long and arduous. However, if you feel your little one has what it takes, where do you start? Here are a few ideas to bear in mind when dealing with the children’s fashion industry.

Do not let yourself be scammed

As in all walks of life, scammers operate in the modelling industry and you need to be prepared for them. No genuine agency will ask you for any money upfront, or try to bring your child in for a costly photo shoot. The most popular child modelling agencies start taking a percentage of your child’s earnings when they get a contract, not before. 

Send off a few shots to reputable agencies

Choose three or four clear photographs of your child, including some showing them in profile and some full-body, with at least one close up of their face. At this point home snaps are fine, but do not try any gimmicks like fancy dress or face paints. On the back of every photo, include your name, your child’s name, and your address, along with their eye colour, hair colour and age.

Take rejection on the chin

Just because your child did not get the job with a certain agency or client, it does not mean they will not be successful elsewhere. Move on quickly and teach your child to do the same when they are old enough to understand.

What do you think about children in the fashion industry, would you allow your baby boy or baby girl to become a model?


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