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Get ready for winter – three top tips on protecting your brood against the cold.

Most of us are very savvy when it comes to protecting our kids from the hot summer sun but how much do we really know about keeping them from harm when the temperature drops? Children can be vulnerable in the winter months because they are small, but also because they have a strange ability to ignore the cold, which is why they are often happy to go out without a coat! Take a look at these simple tips for ensuring your children stay safe during winter.

Be the boss! 

When your children are running around in wet clothes, with red faces and freezing hands, you instinctively know they would be better off indoors for a while. Snow and puddles are great fun, but do not let kids play outside without checking up on them regularly in these conditions.

Hydration is still important

Between the dry heated air inside and the freezing chills outside, children lose lots of moisture through their breath and can easily become dehydrated. Counter this by providing plenty of fluids; you could always try hot drinks or even soup if that is more appealing!

Layer up against the cold

Layers help children stay warm in any conditions, so use t-shirts, leggings and woollen jumpers to insulate them against the elements. As a rule, give babies and toddlers one more layer than you are wearing. Hats and gloves are equally vital as they cover the extremities, ensuring small bodies can maintain a healthy temperature. However, avoid long scarves and hoods that include tie fastenings, as they can easily become a choking hazard for young children.

How do you make sure your kids stay safe and warm over the winter months? Is this time of year just as worrying for mums as the summer?


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