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Healthy teeth tips for looking after their dazzling smile

Looking after the kids is any parent’s number one concern but when it comes to their teeth, things can get tricky! How long should they brush for, should they use mouthwash and which toothpaste is the best, are questions we have all considered. Although visits to the dentist are the ideal time to find out, sometimes it is easy to forget while you are attempting to bribe your little one into the chair. Here is a handy checklist of dos and don’ts, each suggested by a practicing dentist.

Start as you mean to go on

When babies’ teeth are developing, it makes sense to get them used to the feel of a brush on their gums and tongue. Using the corner of a clean flannel, gently rub these areas to rid them of bacteria, stick to the two minute recommended brushing time and if baby becomes upset, then try singing a happy song to distract them.

Keep it minty

Manufacturers only make fruity dental products for very young children and that can be a problem when they need to move on to adult toothpaste. To avoid any issues, start brushing with a minty version from the word go, they will quickly get used to the flavour and then transition to adult toothpaste with minimal fuss.

Brush as soon as you get up

We have all been conditioned to brush after breakfast for maximum freshness, but it seems we could be doing it wrong. As the acid from breakfast juices hangs around in the mouth, scrubbing away at tooth enamel can give it a route in and actually encourage decay. Always brush before the first meal of the day to give teeth the possible best start.

Do you have trouble encouraging your kids to brush regularly? What are your tips for keeping children’s teeth healthy?


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