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Get them off the sofa on a day out especially for TV fans

Kids viewing habits are often the subject of heated debate on social media and at playgroups. It is a somewhat contentious issue, but if you watch with them and their TV time is limited, most experts agree it is unlikely to do much harm. They will learn about new things and faraway places, and get inspiration for what they want to do when the set is switched off. Here are a couple of ideas to get TV loving kids out of the house and give them an insight into the process of programme making.

Treat them to an interactive tour

From their MediacityUK site in Manchester, the BBC runs regular tours where kids of 6 to 11 years can watch a number of CBBC productions from back stage. They are given a chance to sit behind a presenter’s desk, and are then shown the sets and costumes, whilst taking plenty of photos along the way. Each tour lasts about an hour and a half, and you will need to be with your child throughout. Spaces fill up fast, so when there is a special event coming up, book early to get the time and date you want.

Being there as it happens

There is nothing quite like watching a live performance, be it on stage or at a TV studio and the good news is tickets are usually free. You can get access to the shows your kids love through a number of official online outlets, or the production company involved. Most recordings take place over a number of hours and as there will be moments of boredom, studios only allow children from the age of 4 and up. 

Have you ever taken your kids on a studio tour or to watch a TV show being recorded? What advice would you give other people before they go?


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