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Which kind of hair modelling submission photos get your child noticed?

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If your child’s tresses are exceptionally stunning and you are keen to get them involved in hair modelling, your success can depend on the submission photos you send to an agency. These companies go through hundreds of pictures a day, so make sure your little one stands out by only sending in clear shots that show them looking relaxed and natural. Here are three tips for ensuring you get a call back.

Ditch the accessories

Agencies are inundated with images of babies and children wearing cute headbands, clips and ties in their hair. The problem is that these pretty accessories can obscure their face and draw attention away from the hair, which is exactly what you are trying to show off. The same goes for sunglasses, they might look great on the street, but it is important to show off a child’s eye colour in a promotional shot.

Let their natural beauty shine through

So long as you encourage your boy or girl to sit or stand with their head up and their shoulders straight, the picture really does not need any more dressing. Let them wear simple, plain clothes and always keep their hair down and untreated. Their unique look is what agencies are trying to discover, so the focus should always be on that with no embellishments.

Reveal a range of emotions

You know how your kids look funny when they are angry and that quirky little grin they have? Great! That is exactly the kind of thing agencies love to discover as well. Our faces change dramatically from when we smile to when we are in repose, so use comparison shots to convey different emotions.

Have you ever sent a picture off to a child modelling agency, how did you find the experience?


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