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Three ideas to keep the kids busy over the Halloween weekend

TUTA - Blog - Three ideas for the Halloween weekend
Halloween used to be one night of excited children knocking on neighbour’s doors hoping for a few sweets, but now it is a far more elaborate celebration. Here are three ways you can have fun together at Halloween before the trick or treating begins!

Carving a pumpkin

Pumpkins are widely available and can be picked up for a few pounds, but unless you have carved one before, you may be surprised at what a messy task it is! Firstly, you need to take off a section around the stem and then remove it to expose the soft flesh and seeds inside. Kids love scooping out this gooey orange sludge and once it is done, the carving can commence. Try a template if you need to, or draw free hand, before using a short sharp knife to create a ghoulish design.

Dressing up in a spooky outfit

Whether you are handy with a needle and thread, or a trip to the local supermarket is called for, costumes are guaranteed to get your child in the mood. Face paints are very effective too, but your own makeup box can easily be utilised to produce pale faces with dark ringed eyes. It can be chilly at the end of October, so sturdy leggings, tracksuits and jumpers can be worn underneath their outfit for added warmth.

Get crafting!

Making decorations is a great way of keeping the kids occupied during the day and getting your home Halloween-ready. Use a garland of paper bats to hang in the window, or frighten the neighbours by placing a few ghostly outdoor lights in the garden. This is also a subtle way of signalling to other parents that you are joining in with the great sweet give away!

What do you have planned for this Halloween? Will you be trick or treating?


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