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Five brilliant ways to cope with your baby’s nighttime feeds

TUTA - Blog - Five brilliant ways to cope with your baby’s nighttime feeds
When you have just welcomed a new baby into your life, a lack of sleep is to be expected. These exhausting weeks will not last forever, so why not embrace the joys of nocturnal life while they do? Here are five fun ways to pass the time when baby decides sleep is out of the question. 

Watching your old favourites on late night TV

If you ever loved an old US soap, or a classic BBC comedy, it is likely that they have found a home somewhere amongst the nighttime listings. Having the TV on after midnight is not everyone’s cup of tea, but with a wide-awake baby to keep you company, it is the ideal time for a trip down memory lane.

Tiredness makes you giggle

From your funny ‘just woke up’ voice, to your baby’s funny tummy noises and repeats of Fawlty Towers, it is great to have a giggle together when you are awake in the early hours. These times are perfect for developing your baby’s sense of humour and better still, there is no one to watch you goofing around together!

Special bonding time

During the daylight hours, there are visits from friends and family, baby clubs and shopping trips to contend with, but at night, it is just you and junior. This is the perfect time to really feel close to your little bundle and enjoy working on your special bond.

Online shopping extravaganza!

Shopping for quality baby apparel is easy at night, there are no distractions, and for many mums, 3 AM is the only time they are not busy! Our collections are full of cute items from trousers to sweaters, cardigans to jumpsuits, just log on to find everything you need to keep them feeling cosy and looking stylish this winter.                                                                                                                                                  

How do you pass the time during night feeds? What tips would you give other mums?


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