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Three easy ways to help your kids raise money for a children’s charity

TUTA - BLOG - Three easy ways to help your kids raise money for a children’s charity
Even from a young age, children can understand the idea of helping out others who are less fortunate than they are, and many have been inspired recently by Children in Need. So, when your budding philanthropist wants to get involved, what else can they do to raise money for charity? To start with, it makes sense to do a little research and pick a ‘chosen charity’ – one that especially appeals to your children. It could be a large organisation like the NSPCC or even a small local kid’s hospice. Once that decision has been made, here are a few ideas that can help make your efforts a success!

Organise a charity housework week

Dress everyone in their comfortable casual clothes, then offer to pay them for each task they complete around the house. It is a great way of teaching a few new skills and when the jobs are all done, they can donate their earnings to their favourite charity.

Host a yummy bake sale

For kids that love to get their aprons on and experiment in the kitchen, a cake sale may be ideal. Let them choose the recipe and decorate their own creations before selling on to friends and family. Some schools run these events themselves, or may be willing to participate for a good cause; it does not hurt to ask!

De-clutter those bedrooms!

Most boys and girls have layers of toys that will never see the light of day, but these can easily be given a new lease on life. Encourage your children to give three or four items that are still in good condition to the charity shop of their choice, or hold a yard sale and donate the proceeds.

Have you been involved in any charity fundraising with your children? Are there any events you would particularly recommend?


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