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Four brilliant ways to calm a crying baby

TUTA - BLOG - Four brilliant ways to calm a crying baby
When they have been fed, changed, and wrapped up warm in their soft, comfortable clothes, it can be disheartening to see your baby still crying on full throttle. You can begin to worry that there is something wrong with your baby, or even your parenting! Instead of letting doubts creep in, try a couple of these tried and tested baby-soothing methods.

Turn the lights out

Sometimes babies become irritated through overstimulation, so keeping a room calmingly dark can often help them settle. Remember that newborns are still adjusting to their bright hectic life outside of the cosy womb so recreating that environment can bring them comfort.

Shushing can work

We all do it and there is a good works! Some experts think that the repetitive noise distracts a tired, cross baby and enables them to drift off into a peaceful sleep. Try it in combination with a gentle bounce or rocking motion for maximum effect.

Break out the tunes

Babies can hear the music you play before they are even born, so do not feel you have to stick with traditional lullabies once they have entered the world. From Prince to Cold Play, music can have an incredibly calming influence. Singing to them is just as appreciated, as the familiar sound of your voice is very pleasurable for baby.

Go for a walk

A change of scenery can work wonders for fractious babies, it can sometimes snap them out of a crying spell by providing a different focus. From a tour of your neighbourhood or house, to a walk around the garden or park, babies often love journeys. If it is cold, remember to add one more layer to baby then you would need, be it a sweater or a coat.

What tricks can you share for calming a crying baby? Have we missed anything?


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