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Three simple ways to boost your family’s health this winter

TUTA - Blog - Three simple ways to boost your family’s health this winter
Keeping you and your family happy and healthy during the colder months is not always easy. Instinct might be telling you to snuggle up under a warm duvet with just a box of chocolates for company, but there are better ways of boosting your health at this time of year. Here are three ideas for ensuring you and baby stay fighting fit throughout the winter!

Leave the thermostat alone!

Remember when your mum used to tell you to put an extra jumper on if you were cold? Well it seems she may have been right all along. Even if the temperatures outside plummet, it is best for your general wellbeing to maintain a steady household climate of between 16 and 21°C. If you turn up the heating any higher, both adults and children can start to feel lethargic and may even suffer from dry skin. So, pile on the layers instead. This is the ideal time for trying out those cute cardigans and sweaters you just bought from Tutakids.

Listen to your body

Even if it is just a daily trip to the shop or park, getting some sunshine and fresh air is important for boosting your mood. However, the darker days can induce a natural feeling of tiredness that you should not ignore. If you have had a busy day playing with the kids, or at work – or both, then treat yourself to an early night when possible. 

Eat well and keep hydrated

Comfort food can be tempting, but to maintain a robust immune system, nutritious, balanced meals are far more beneficial. Try rustling up stews with dumplings, wholesome soups, and pasta dishes to refuel hungry children, but always encourage them to drink a glass of water with every meal. Hydration tends to be on our minds less in winter, thirst can sap energy at any time.

How do you cope with the cooler weather at home?


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