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There may be sleepless nights, but having a baby still makes life better

TUTA - BLOG - There may be sleepless nights, but having a baby still makes life better
Life before baby may be more relaxing, but the rewards when your baby boy or baby girl finally arrives are simply incredible. Here are four ways that everything gets better when that little bundle of joy is part of the family.

You feel adored

All you need to do is blow a raspberry, pull a face or do your famous funny voice for your tiny audience to confirm that you are, in fact, amazing! Keeping them entertained is not a one-way street either, because as you care for them every day you will soon start noticing those lovely quirks that make them unique - and they will make you giggle too.

Compassion comes easily

Whereas you may have felt somewhat agitated by sitting next to a crying baby before, now your overwhelming emotion is empathy. Being a mum lets you see the situation from a parent’s perspective, so you can appreciate the stress other people experience when their child has a public meltdown.

There is a sense of community

Whether you link up with other mums online, or at your local playgroup, you will soon discover a network of events, museums, and parks that make babies welcome. From chatting to your local librarian, to walking into the coffee shop and asking for your ‘usual’, the new mum lifestyle can make you an active participant in your community.

Being kind to yourself

There is plenty of advice out there about the ideal way to parent a child, but as the months pass, you will begin to feel more confident in your own abilities. Instead of worrying about the housework and development milestones, it is better to focus on the bigger picture - feel proud about creating a family of your own, which is an incredible achievement 

In what way did having a baby change your life for the better? Let us know in the comments section!


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