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Try a little festive baking with these delicious homemade mince pies.

TUTA - BLOG - Try a little festive baking with these delicious homemade mince pies
Whether you are making them for you and the family to enjoy at Christmas, or popping them into a hamper as a gift, homemade mince pies are hard to beat. Here is a tried and tested recipe for baking with the children, why not make it one of your yuletide traditions?

Easy-bake mince pies


1 egg yolk

150g butter cubed and cold, keep a little extra for greasing

2 teaspoons icing sugar

250g mincemeat

250g plain flour

Milk, for glazing


Start by rubbing the cubed butter and flour between your fingertips; kids love this part! When it looks like breadcrumbs it is finished and you can stir in the icing sugar. 

Pour in the egg yolk and two tablespoons of cold water, and then use a knife to stir. Once the dough is well blended, bring it together with your hands. This is another chance for your toddler to get messy, but also learn about creating something wonderful to eat at the same time. Help them knead the mixture for a few minutes before making it into a ball, wrapping in cling film and placing in the fridge.

Chill dough for 30 minutes and pre-heat the oven to 200℃ or Gas Mark 6 while you wait. Next, grease 18 spaces in a muffin tin and roll the pastry out reasonably thinly. Use the top of a mug or specialist pastry cutters to stamp out your bases and the slightly smaller lids, 7.5cm wide bases and 6.5cm wide lids should be perfect.

Fill the baking tins with the larger discs and spoon over a teaspoon of mincemeat, before brushing a little milk over the rims and popping on the lids. Bake for 25 minutes or until golden brown.

Will you be baking this Christmas or do you prefer the convenience of shop bought treats?

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