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Practical New Year’s resolutions for busy parents

TUTA - Blog - Practical New Year’s resolutions for busy parents
A brand new year gives us the chance to make changes in our lives that we intend to make permanent, so forget past mistakes and concentrate on making 2016 your perfect year! Here are a few ideas for real life resolutions to get you started.

Cut down on negativity

How we talk to our children affects their sense of self, so rather than using negative words like ‘don’t’ think about phrasing your request in a different way. For example ‘don’t shout at your sister’ could easily become ‘please be nice to your sister’. Save your ‘don’ts’ for when they are really needed and the impact will be stronger. 

Leave your job at work

With smartphones and tablets, we can all remain connected to clients and colleagues 24 hours a day, but it is worth putting a cap on the amount of time you are prepared to spend checking and replying at home. Try to aim for 6pm as a cut off and then divert your attention to the kids instead.

One dinner for everyone

There is no reason the entire family cannot eat the same food, just as long as the portion size suits them. Children who eat with their parents learn how to behave at mealtimes and benefit from a more varied diet. Kids do not need to live off bland foods, so start as you intend to live by laying the table for everyone and serving up a healthy meal.

Create domestic bliss

There is no reason children cannot learn about taking care of their living environment. Help them to hang up their clothes, pick an outfit for the following day and place their used items in the laundry bin. Give them somewhere to pack away their toys so their play area is clear and do the same with your belongings so they can learn by example.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?


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