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How will our parenting styles change in 2016?

TUTA - Blog - How will our parenting styles change in 2016? has forecast a number of changes in the lives of parents and children as we move into 2016.Their global parenting expert, Katie Bugbee, claims these will occur as a result of the cultural and social climate, she says: "With more dual-income households, greater access to technology, and shifts in parental roles, family dynamics are changing and giving rise to some exciting and positive parenting trends." Here is the top three to look out for over the coming year.

Intelligent parenting

Just because today’s kids can choose their own clothes and activities, does not mean parents are any less interested in their progress as a person. Over the past year, we have seen many shops and brands refocus their toy marketing in a less gender specific way and that reflects a more informed style of parenting. Mums and dads will be more accepting of difference and in turn encourage their children to have the same tolerant attitude.

Millennial parents take a relaxed approach

Many of today’s mums and dads grew up with helicopter parents who were keen to organise their children’s lives, but modern families take a different approach. The so called ‘third-child’ parenting technique is more laid back with an emphasis on kids being more independent and having less timetabled events.

Scaled back parenting

For years, mums and dads have felt obliged to manage every aspect of their child’s life themselves, from organising parties, to clubs and holiday activities. However, by outsourcing some of these events to party planners and tutors, or even hiring a cleaner, parents can enjoy more one on one time with their kids. It may take some careful financial planning, but the odd expense can enable busy working parents to be available to their children more regularly, and that is priceless.

Do you expect anything to change in your parenting style over the coming year?


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