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Keep your pregnancy glow as the temperatures plummet!

TUTA - BLOG - Keep your pregnancy glow as the temperatures plummet
As the first trimester comes to an end, pregnant women usually have to shop for a new wardrobe as the shape of their body begins to change; your clothes will begin to feel restrictive - even those trusty leggings will not be as comfortable as before.

When you reach that stage, there is no point in trying to squeeze into clothing that is too small and does not keep you properly covered in the colder months. Instead, embrace your body’s changes and seek out some snug maternity clothing for winter.

Naturally stretchy fabric, in both tops and bottoms, is practical, as is choosing generous fits you will grow into over the coming months. Layers are ideal, especially if you can find things that appeal to your sense of style so you can easily mix and match them; choose long T-shirts that will not ride up, fine-knit jumpers so you do not over heat and something like a cute furry gilet you can throw on when you go out doors. Pregnancy staples like jeggings and skinny jeans often come in multiple colours, which is great news as this makes working a similar look for nine months more interesting.

When shopping for a pregnancy wardrobe, try everything on and do not be afraid of asking sales assistants for advice - some larger stores even offer a fake bump to give you an idea of how your tummy will grow over the coming weeks. If you are shopping online, order a couple of sizes so you can pick the one which fits best when they are delivered.

While buying clothing with a limited lifespan can seem wasteful, but when you know you look good, it is more likely you will feed good to, which is obviously important when you are pregnant. There is no need to spend a fortune - just buy whatever makes you feel good within your budget.

What pregnancy wardrobe advice would you give to mums-to-be?


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