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Giving your kids a positive body image

TUTA - BLOG - Giving your kids a positive body image
Just a few years ago, you had to persuade your son or daughter to wipe the breakfast from around their mouth before leaving the house, but at around 11, they start to be far more concerned with how they look. As well as sizing themselves up in the mirror and spending longer getting ready, your boy or girl might also become critical of their appearance. However, giving plenty of positive feedback now can set the stage for life, so how can we encourage our kids to be happy and confident in their own skin?

Be understanding about their body image worries

As adults, we know that looks are not everything, but children are far more inclined to compare themselves unfavourably with others. Try to talk to them about unrealistic media images and remind them that they have a unique set of skills, interests, and talents that are far more important.

Help them adapt to their new reflection

Both girls and boys might spend more time in their room trying on their latest trousers, skirts, tops, and jumpsuits; this is a way of exploring their changing appearance and appreciating it! It is a natural part of moving from child to adult and can be a vulnerable time, so always be on hand for support when they need it.

Let them make an individual fashion statement

You might not be completely convinced by their more unusual fashion choices but when pre-teens start to experiment with trendy new looks, they are actually making a personal statement. Get involved by choosing cute clothes together which blend quality with cool, our Tuta Kids collection is the ideal starting point; it is packed with smart outfits and stylish combinations that kids will love.  

What advice would you give our community on boosting a child’s body image?


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