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4 steps to an active pregnancy

TUTA - BLOG - 4 steps to an active pregnancy
Although you may feel exhausted in the early and later stages, try to maintain a certain level of activity throughout your pregnancy. Gentle exercise can help you avoid too much weight gain, reduce the risk of diabetes and pre-eclampsia, and help with general pregnancy aches and pains.

If you did not follow a fitness programme before getting pregnant and you are not sure where to begin, here are four simple ways to get started.

Forget the bus

While not the best idea if you are in a hurry or going a long way, consider walking your regular bus route or even just getting off a few stops early.

Take your lunch break in the park

If you usually eat lunch in the office canteen or at your desk, pop to the local park as an active alternative. Start slowly with a stroll and then gradually build up speed to a brisk walk when you feel comfortable doing so. 

If you already have children and are at home during your pregnancy, leave the car on the drive way and walk them to the park to burn off some of their energy.

Forget the lift too

Climbing a few flights of stairs is highly beneficial for your stomach and leg muscles. However, it should not feel like an endurance test, so nip into the lift for the final few floors if your workplace happens to be high up. 

Head off to nursery or playgroup on foot

Although it is always tempting to drive, building walking into your routine is an excellent way of keeping active during your pregnancy without having to think about it. Also, there is no need for equipment, it is free and you can set the pace.

What advice would you give to mums-to-be on keeping active while pregnant?


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