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Baby modelling tips for beginners

TUTA - BLOG - Baby modelling tips for beginners
If you think your little bundle of joy loves being looked at and you are comfortable sharing images of them with the world, you should consider baby modelling. This can be a great way to get you out and about, as well as encouraging your child to be more sociable, but where do you start?

Shop around

Do your homework online to find out which child and baby model agencies other parents love. Check out the agencies’ websites to see the kind of image they prefer and gauge whether your child would fit in. 

Be bold

Get on the phone and call your favourite clothing and toy brands. Ask to speak to the marketing department and ask them which agencies they use for their campaigns.

Be cautious

Reputable agencies are unlikely to ask you to pay a fee upfront, although some will charge you an annual fee for photos and admin. Do not be tempted to pay for professional shots by a photographer either; agencies will be happy with clear snaps you have taken yourself.

Be patient

It may take weeks for agencies to get back to you if they are inundated with applicants, especially if they have too many in one age group, in which case they may suggest other agencies.

Age matters

If your baby boy or baby girl is still very young, it is worth taking a few shots and sending them off quickly - newborns are always in demand as after six weeks they are not newborn anymore. Six months is a popular age group too because by then children are much more comfortable in company, smile readily and are stronger and often able to sit up.

Looks do not

Model agencies are as more interested in children that are cute, cheeky, fun and love the work than they are in looks. 

Would you put your baby forward as a model? Let us know what you think.


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