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Baby-led weaning: Encouraging a healthy attitude towards food

TUTA - BLOG - Baby-led weaning: Encouraging a healthy attitude towards food
Baby-led weaning is linked to appetite control, with little ones encouraged to select their own food and feed themselves. The idea is that they will pick what to eat when they are hungry and stop when they feel full. The aim is for them to grow up with a healthy attitude to food and in the long run, avoid obesity.

So, if you want to give your baby the opportunity to explore and feed independently, ditch the blender and get ready to get messy. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Learn from other parents’ experiences

From baby blogs to YouTube, there is plenty of information online about baby-led weaning. The sight of small babies polishing off large portions can be truly inspirational if you have a fussy eater!

Shop-bought baby food is out

Babies can eat many foods, so long as there is no added salt. When you start, offer pieces of food like steamed carrots, cucumber or crinkle-cut mango that are chip-sized and easy to hold onto. Once your child has mastered holding these, you can try out slightly smaller pieces.

Put food straight on the highchair tray

Bowls tend to get flung on the floor when babies are old enough to wean, as they are keen to learn new things, so side-step the problem by placing food straight on the tray of their highchair.

Get a highchair that is easy to clean

Baby-lead weaning is is a messy process, with food likely to escape from all angles, so invest in a highchair that is easy to clean, protect the floor with a wipe-clean mat and use a cover-all bib to you’re your baby clean.

Will you try out baby-led weaning or do you want to know exactly what your baby has eaten?



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